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I’m not a writer, artist or photographer. I’m not a comedian, designer or Rudy Maxa–although he does have the coolest job in the world.

I’m just a happy wife and mom who loves words, art and pictures. Oh, and books. Really, all bookish things.


Bookish Things includes anything and everything to do with books, words, independent bookstores, book crafts, photos of books and words. I went through a phase collecting bookmarks from independent bookstores across the country. That got a little messy and I never got around to collaging them on the bulletin board. I had just bought a digital camera so I began taking snapshops of indie bookstores I visited. Unfortunately, I missed photographing so many of them, so that phase ended. I did catalog them on Flickr.


I’m easily inspired, often get started, but rarely finish any art project I begin. As I said, I’m easily distracted. Oh, I mean, inspired. I’ve recently made a pledge to myself to try harder to finish some old projects before starting new ones. It’s not going great, but I have completed some. And, of course, I photograph them all now.


To my husband’s dismay, I spend a lot of time taking photos, editing them in Photoshop and posting them to Flickr. I also spend a lot of time on Flickr looking at other people’s photos and artwork. (Get it? Easily inspired…)  Although he certainly enjoys viewing my work, we’ll see what he says when I show him this blog! I have thousands and thousands of photos on Flickr.


Two other passions that have influences on my inspirations are travel and music. Both lend themselves equally well to Bookish Things, Arts & Craftsy Things and Photography Things, so you may see tidbit topics popping up here and there.

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